Case Huhtamaki: Leading the digital collaboration project


Huhtamaki is a global specialist in packaging for food and drink with a network of 78 manufacturing units and additional 24 sales only offices in altogether 34 countries. Based on company strategic objectives, Huhtamaki was strengthening the common ways of working and collaboration culture across the company. The key focus group was some 6 500 white collar workers. To enable improved office work productivity modern digital collaboration tools were implemented.

The challenge was to ensure the project will run effectively to meet the tight schedule and stakeholder expectations as well as to guarantee smooth transition to all units with no business disturbances. Ensuring cooperation of the people from the different functions of the company was essential to succeed in the project.


Existing tools were replaced with Microsoft O365 services during a strict one-year project. Objective was to guarantee smooth transition to the new tools and boost digital collaboration, consistency and efficiency by adopting common ways of working with the new tools.

CCEA Delivery

CCEA provided the project management service to bring structure to the project and to facilitate best possible cooperation of the different functions of the company. Also leading the change management activities was provided by CCEA. The service included establishing the project governance model and running daily project practices to facilitate cooperation of people from various functions of the company and ensure timely delivery and execution within given resource limits. Strong focus was put into engaging key stakeholders and ensuring their support. As an example, meetings were organized to inform all unit management teams about the ongoing actions and implications to their units. Also, all business segment management teams were informed regularly.

Customer Benefits

Project team cooperation and spirit were rated extremely positive at the end of the project. The team effort was seen as the most significant single reason to project achieving and partly exceeding the expectations within the given timeline and with no business disturbance.

New digital collaboration tools and practices were positively received across the company and tool adoption rate was high from the very beginning. Users and stakeholders were especially satisfied with the project communication, provided instructions and overall management of the change. As part of the change management activities, an active change agent network was established and equipped to provide hands on support at all units.

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