Case KONE: Global Teams deployment

In the beginning of November 2019, Teams replaced Skype for Business as the primary tool for chat and meetings as KONE moved to “Teams only” mode.

Customer need

Teams had been available for KONE employees since 2017 and was already used to some extent in parallel with Skype for Business. No official training, guidance or support was available for using Teams. In January 2019 KONE initiated a project for Teams deployment and needed support in both change and project management. The change impacted all KONE employees globally (+58 000) with major impact on the office employees (+22 000).


The objective of the project was to deploy Teams globally at KONE:

  1. to make Teams operationally ready at KONE including e.g. setting up the end-user support, testing the tool in KONE environment and distributing Teams desktop application to all KONE PC’s,
  2. to ensure KONE users knew what was about to happen, when and why we are doing the Teams change, and
  3. to ensure the office employees knew how to use at least the basic functionalities of Teams.

All this needed to happen smoothly without causing harm to daily operations.

CCEA Delivery

CCEA supported the project in both project and change management.

CCEA project manager was responsible for project management, ensuring the operational readiness as well as planning, following up and supporting the Teams deployment in the KONE countries in close collaboration with the local teams.

CCEA change management support, together with the KONE team, included the planning and execution of the change management activities such as

  1. preparing change communication materials,
  2. coordinating the setup of the champions and local trainer network,
  3. taking care of the agreed stakeholder and community management,
  4. managing a change pulse survey to understand how employees felt about the change and
  5. creating and coordinating the global launch event concept.

CCEA also planned the change stabilization phase activities to be executed after the project go-live.

Customer Benefits

The project was implemented successfully with excellent feedback on clear project plans as well as open communications throughout the project. “Change management and communications have been very good. Exceptionally good project management with good support from the management and setting up a global change network. Learning a lot about how to deliver change at KONE.”

The different stakeholder groups were involved early enough which improved the relationships and support for the change. The key influencers were happy for being briefed well in advance. Close collaboration with the local teams and champions was another key success factor of the project, ensuring the change was not only driven by a global team but was also led locally in all countries.

The combination of project & change management from CCEA ensured an aligned way of working, with one common plan towards the same goal – both understood that change management is more than just communications deliverables.