Case MaaS Global

Customer need 

MaaS Global is the first all-inclusive Mobility as a Service (MaaS) operator in the world and the company behind the Whim application. Whim offers its users all urban transport services from scoots to cars and public transportation under a single subscription. European based MaaS Global made an acquisition, in which they needed support with post-acquisition integration and leading change to ensure successful start for the common journey. 


A target state was to have one unified company producing joint product that will be efficiently distributed to different markets. Acquisition and integration included numerous changes. CCEA’s aim was to crystallise the company direction and to support creating one company culture as well as to support change communication and planning. One of the objectives was also to support leadership team (LT) and team leaders with key themes, such as new organisation structure and methods to lead company objectives and build change competencies within the organisation.  

CCEA Delivery 

At first, CCEA was involved in planning the announcement day and helping to create the announcement day material including a change story and a Q&A. Soon after the announcement, CCEA facilitated several workshops for all employees to create purpose, direction and motivation and to engage people to shaping one company. Part of CCEA’s role was to support with communication, materials and to provide up-to-date information about the progress for all employees. 

In addition to all employees, the new leadership team (LT) and team leaders were the key stakeholder groups in CCEA’s work. CCEA provided LT and the team leaders people-driven change management training to increase understanding of people during the change journey. LT and team leaders were supported in facilitating discussions on the new organisation structure and planning with the employees, and in introducing the business planning model in the organisation. One of the main achievements was kicking off a team leader support model in the form of regular meetings. CCEA supported in facilitating the meetings, providing agenda and materials. 

On top, CCEA’s Celkee survey measurement tool was used to lead the change with data. The survey helped collect feedback on different employee groups’ perceptions of the change to help find pain points and guide change management work to where it is most needed.  

CCEA organised workshops for MaaS Global’s own change team to increase their change management capabilities. The team was provided with a change plan and guidance on how to continue and what methods to use with a practical approach. 

Customer Benefits 

MaaS Global was thankful for the sparring support CCEA provided throughout the project. They also appreciated CCEA’s ability to adapt quickly to supporting in different themes and the structured approach to drive change management. One of the key benefits to MaaS Global was to increase their understanding and knowledge around change management to help their change team to continue on their own. The customer needed extra support and hands during very intensive first months of the integration. By investing on change management, MaaS Global was able to build a solid ground for business continuity.

CCEA was chosen because of their human centric approach and hands on delivery style. This they demonstrated as promised and beyond during our project.” – Sampo Hietanen, CEO