Case Meyer Turku: Change capability development of key users as a building block for successful change to a new ERP system


Meyer Turku, one of the leading European shipbuilding companies, was implementing a new ERP system to optimize their performance. The deployment and training of the new system was done by a network of key users. In this challenging project it was essential that the key users had sufficient knowledge, support and tools for change execution and end-user trainings.


To support the success of the project, the management of the company wanted to provide key users with the support and opportunity to increase the necessary change expertise.

The goal was that key users would understand how they can help other people to proceed in change. In practice, the objective was to bring in concrete toolbox for key users that they could utilize in end-user encounters and trainings, and thereby ensure the success of the change.

CCEA delivery

CCEA tailored a learning path for change capability by first mapping the needs and aspirations of key users. The implementation of the change capability training consisted of one-day workshops, peer discussions with other key users, virtually facilitated meetings to support key users in applying the learnings on their daily work, as well as a half-day workshops just before the end-user trainings started.

The workshops were interactive, and the target was to ensure that the participants were networking and learning from each other, both in the workshops and between them.

One of the main goals of the learning path was to ensure that the content learned in the workshops was brought as a part of the daily work of the key users and that the progress was continuously monitored.

The results of all workshops and meetings and all feedback from the key users to the ERP project were discussed with the customer. In this way, the implementation of the entire project was also made more efficient through the change capability service.

Customer benefits

Key users that were the focus group of the change capability service got practical tools to implement the change and began to develop themselves through daily work. In addition, the project received valuable feedback from key users and the general attitude towards the project became more positive in the organization. The customer felt that the service responded perfectly to their needs.

Due to changes in the customer’s ERP project, the service implementation schedule was adapted as the project progressed. CCEA received special thanks for the flexibility and seamless delivery of the service at the customer’s desired schedule.