Case Nordic Morning Group: People-driven change in ERP implementation

Customer need: Emphasis on organizational change management

Nordic Morning Group is a company focusing on data-driven marketing and service design, automated customer communication services and collaborative learning and information solutions. To enable further growth and to become more data-driven Nordic Morning Group had initiated implementation of a new, common ERP system. To succeed, the need to put more emphasis on organizational change management was identified.

Objective: Ensuring the people have the willingness and capability to take the new ERP into use

The objective was to secure a smooth transition to the new ERP system from the people perspective. The focus was to ensure the employees in Nordic Morning Group had the willingness and capability to take the new ERP system into use at the go live and change they ways of working. Furthermore, the objective was to sustain the change through supportive activities.

CCEA Delivery: Leading and executing the change implementation activities

CCEA helped Nordic Morning Group to turn the high-level change vision to concrete purpose and crystallising the concrete change to different stakeholders. As the starting point for the common ERP system was different for each business unit, creating a clear understanding of the change and its impacts was of key importance. CCEA was responsible for iterative change activity planning and led the work of a change team to take care of the engagement with the key stakeholders, communication, training planning and organisation as well as setting up the support channels. The regular change measurement supported in focusing the activities where needed. CCEA also sparred the project management and key members in driving the change from people perspective.

Customer Benefits: Making the change happen in a pragmatic and professional way

Nordic Morning Group valued the pragmatic way CCEA supported the implementation of the ERP system. CCEA was able to focus on what is important and lead the organizational change management activities in a professional way. By working closely with the customer’s team, CCEA supported by strengthening and developing the organizational change management expertise within the project organisation. According to the customer CCEA had a key role in the change.