Case Outokumpu: Change management and communications support in digitalizing Tornio Mill

Customer need: Take care of program communications within Outokumpu and ensure change on individual level

Outokumpu is the leading stainless-steel manufacturer in the world and has mills both in Europe and North and South America.

Outokumpu started an extensive digitalization program in 2019. The program aimed to significantly increase data-based decision making in the steel making process, through different digital solutions. The target was to increase quality and production reliability in the continuously changing environment. The program is executed using the Agile methodology. The program identified early on that it would be dealing with an extensive change and wanted to invest in both internal communication and change management to support it.

Target: Relevant stakeholder groups widely aware of the digitalization program, personnel able to make change happen and those whose work would change able to adopt new ways of working

For communications the target was threefold: 1) to support the leadership in communicating about the program, 2) to communicate about new solutions that were taken into use both in Tornio Mill and globally, and 3) to ensure that the large group of experts working within the program would be aware of what is going on. For change management the target was to take the new solutions into use with people knowing how their daily work would be changing.

CCEA service: Internal communications about the program and change management support on program level

For communications CCEA supported Outokumpu with making a plan and executing it to fulfill the above-mentioned targets. CCEA was additionally responsible for producing communications contents together with the project teams.

CCEA organized trainings and cliniques on change management to strengthen the project teams’ capabilities in the area and ensured that they had the needed tools in use to concretize the change from the end user perspective. In addition, CCEA sparred both Tornio Mill management and project management on people driven change by planning and arranging change management workshops as well as by reviewing project change plans on an ongoing basis and giving feedback. CCEA coordinated the change and reported progress on program level.

Customer benefit: Structured change management support increased the organization’s own capabilities in supporting change also going forward

Outokumpu appreciated the versatility of CCEA’s support starting from coordinating the planned communications activities all the way to supporting individual projects in making change happen by among other things modifying the change management practises to fit the organization. CCEA was able to quickly form an overview of the whole program and become a part of the project teams through their people centric approach. The largest benefit looking forward was that the customer’s change capabilities seemingly grew during the lengthy and tight collaboration which continues in 2022.