Case Outokumpu: Developing change capability in the Finance organization

Challenge: Improving change capability for the future-proof Finance function

Outokumpu is a global leader in stainless steel products that benefit the modern society for generations to come. Its global Finance function was undergoing a major transformation to develop their capabilities for the future. The Finance Leadership Team had recognized that the people side of change in their transformation needed a coordinated approach, and the capability of implementing continuous changes successfully was essential for their success also in the future.

Objective: Step change in the capability to successfully execute changes

Objective was to implement a step change in the Finance organization’s capability to successfully execute changes. This capability included developing an approach, platform, and tools for change execution. The objective was also to improve awareness and skills in change management within the organization.

CCEA Delivery

CCEA helped the client to build a change management model and hands-on tools to get started with change management in Finance development projects. CCEA’s people-driven change approach was applied in the customer’s ways of working and processes. This change model was piloted in the ongoing transformation program where CCEA supported the Project Managers.

The change playbook documented the change approach, basic change management theory, and provided practical instructions and tools for every Finance Project Sponsor and Project Manager to get started with successful change execution. CCEA also facilitated a change capability learning path for Project Managers. The learning path was tailored to customer needs and supported in building the change management plans for the transformation streams.

Customer Benefits

Customer received a well-established and tested platform for change management. The created change management model that emphasised people involvement and continuous and concrete change communications supported the transformation journey. The provided tools and instructions increased the organizational change capability. Customer also received recommendations on how to move forward and continuously develop the change capability in the Finance organization. Practical learning path supported competence development from individual change maker’s perspective.

As the approach, methods, and tools were piloted in the ongoing change program, the customer was able to benefit from the development work already during the project. Especially establishing new change communication practices and principles received positive feedback among the Finance team members.