Case SOK: Adopting sustainable remote ways of working


Furthermore, it was not easy to notice signs of overload early enough when working remotely.


SOK leaders wanted to support the employees in the challenging situation and provided both team leaders and other team members with concrete help, tips and advice to boost productive and pleasant remote ways of working.

CCEA’s service

CCEA implemented the “Accelerated path to sustainable remote ways of working” service with SOK. Instead of technical tools, we concentrated on adapting ways of working to make them suit continuous remote work better. The service started with a short survey to find out employees’ prevailing perceptions on fluency of remote work. On the surface, remote work seemed to go well but the open answers revealed clearly that mixing work and personal life was causing overload, and people were longing for encounters with their colleagues.

After this, we held a webinar on remote leadership for the team leaders, and all the employees had a chance to participate the webinars on sustainable remote workday and productive remote meetings. The recordings of these were uploaded to Teams along with a lot of other supporting materials for everyone’s access. The webinars had audiences of good size, which indicated a clear need for the support provided.

Customer benefit

SOK employees received very concrete practical tips which they could adopt right away in their remote ways of working. Presented tips and advices covered remote work in a comprehensive way: leading a team remotely, planning and structuring a remote workday, and organizing and running remote meetings. The organization may now also share a more consistent view on good remote work practices.