Case Tax Administration


Finnish Tax Administration plays a significant role in enabling Finnish wellfare. Tax Administration organizational principles include good customer experience, continuous development and being a forerunner. Based on these principles, Tax Administration wanted to examine both current situation and future objectives of one their key functions in order to define and implement a development plan.


Development project was done in a collaborative and transparent way among leadership, experts representing the function and key stakeholders. CCEA helped Tax Administration to make current state analysis and identify both well-functioning areas and the ones that require development. CCEA team also helped to define a common view of future objectives. Once the key development needs were identified, CCEA helped to form alternative solutions for decision making. As a result, Tax Administration had a thorough plan how function should be renewed to meet the future needs. The plan included strategic goals, new organizational structure, roles and responsibilities, management model and a top-level description of the services under the function’s responsibility.

CCEA Delivery

CCEA gathered understanding from the organization and delivered a current state analysis. Those key findings and root causes were the basis for the development work. It was essential to ensure that different perspectives and needs were heard on a broad scale. CCEA’s team defined the process for the change planning, clarified the key elements for the plan and worked together with dozens of participants in the project to identify solutions and the final development plan for decision-making.

CCEA was responsible for the project model, collaborative methods, facilitation of discussions and workshops as well as drawing up the final plan. CCEA also advised leadership and key stakeholders related to different angels and impacts of the change.

Customer Benefits

The Tax Administration appreciated CCEA’s comprehensive, systematic and solution-driven way of working. CCEA’s objective perspective and benchmark cases brought a special added value for this development project. Good facilitation skills ensured different needs and perspectives of the various stakeholders were heard. CCEA also ensured various discussions were effectively led into solutions. With the help of CCEA, customer was able to carry out a significant size of a development project alongside daily operational responsibilities. The result was a well structured development plan to renew an existing function.  Collaborative process ensured the plan had an extensive commitment within the organisation.

“Excellent capability to facilitate discussions also in leadership level in challenging projects.” -Customer