Case Tieto: Aiming for excellence in project management

Challenge: Multiple models used in projects

Tieto is the leading Nordic digital services and software company. Projects delivering IT solutions to their customers are in the core of Tieto business.

Many acquisitions and company’s growth over the years had led into a situation where there were multiple project management models and ways of working in different parts of the organization. Also, the competence requirements and development paths for project managers varied.

Objective: Taking the quality of project deliveries to the next level

Tieto started a change initiative that aimed at increased customer centricity, consistency and excellence in project deliveries and improvement in the overall job satisfaction of project managers. The focus was on clarifying the project management process, crystallizing the roles and responsibilities and setting up success factors, KPIs and follow-up.

CCEA service: Thorough support for defining, planning and executing the change

CCEA helped the customer to crystallize what the change was about and why it was necessary. CCEA supported in defining, piloting, and implementing processes and ways of working related to the project sales and delivery phases.

People in key roles in the change program were coached in driving the change. Building commitment of the key stakeholder groups was supported by, for example, coordinating leadership team visits and engagement with project managers.

CCEA created and continuously iterated the change activity plan and coordinated and created content for change communications. CCEA also created and executed a project management training concept and plan. Setting-up a change agent network to support project management community in the change was part of CCEA service.

Benefit to Tieto: Making the change happen

The customer highly appreciated CCEA’s experience and knowledge of change implementation, which enabled the business case to materialize.

CCEA’s persistency and keen focus on people side of the change was integral to progressing the change and making things happen. Now the organization’s understanding on ways of working in project management has improved and people are committed to following the processes. Customer believes the change would not have been as successful without CCEA.