Change capability improvement of the trainer network


Our global industrial customer is ongoing an extensive business process transformation with global ERP tool deployment. There have not been any changes of such scale in the company earlier, and people – most of whom many have worked with the same company throughout their career – are perceiving this as a threat. Yet the change resistance has been a surprise to the transformation project: the key people who are training the new processes, have faced unpleasant response, very difficult discussions and even some hostile situations. They have not had tools to cope with this situation and are feeling frustrated.


The objective of the CCEA service was to improve the change capability of the people who are responsible for training the new business processes to businesses.

CCEA Delivery

The CCEA service included a 1-day training workshop for the process trainers on how to manage difficult situations, react in the challenging conversations and sell the new change ideas. The workshop was tailored for the trainer network based on their feedback and examples. Those were collected in a separate session before the workshop and through a pre-assignment. After the workshop, three follow-up meetings were organized where the trainers were able to discuss their observations, share the best practices and get support for the challenges they were facing at the time. In addition, an interactive discussion forum was opened to share the experiences.

Customer Benefits

The CCEA service was an effective start for enhancing the change skills of the people that are in a key role in the process implementation. The sessions and discussions offered practical knowledge and people took concrete actions how to manage the challenging situations, sell the change ideas and thus contributed to the implementation of the new processes. The workshops gave also an opportunity for the trainers to share their best practices across the organization.


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