Change management in outsourcing 2017


A major part of the support function of a large, global company was outsourced to an external supplier. The schedule was extremely tight, and in the near past there had been a series of unsuccessful changes.


The customer needed an experienced partner with extensive experience on similar types of change efforts to ensure high quality outsourcing with people experience being as good as possible. The objective of the CCEA service was to take the overall responsibility of the people change management related to the transfer before, during and after the announcement without forgetting the remaining organization, as well as professional execution if the plan.

CCEA Delivery

CCEA service included stakeholder & change impact analysis and PCM action plan made in an extremely tight schedule, production on key materials, such as releases, Q&A documents, presentation materials and line manager support materials, customized to all key stakeholders, roles and responsibilities as well as a minute by minute plan for the announcement, briefing of all parties for their roles, and execution of the people change management plan. The CCEA team acted as a change manager of the outsourcing project for 2 months, and handed over the scope of the service to the project manager in the end of CCEA service.

Customer Benefits

“Honestly, we would have been quite lost without you.” This the program director commented on the CCEA service in the feedback meeting. In addition to the ability to run the announcement-related activities smoothly and manage the people change, the experienced, professional and flexible CCEA team brought in confidence in a tough situation.