Definition and implementation planning of the cultural change


A company operating in service business is renewing its strategy and has initiated several business renewal programs. One of the initiates must win battles is enforcing the service culture. The objective of the company is to create a strong community driving service culture for excellent customer and employee experience and improve to improve customer and employee satisfaction scores significantly.


The objective of the CCEA service in the 1st phase was to drive the definition of the aimed culture together with front-line employees and line managers, white collars employees, customers and leadership team, and to produce the implementation plan to make the change happen. In addition, the aim was to engage the representatives of the key stakeholders and to gain management acceptance for the definition of the aimed service culture and the change implementation plan.

CCEA Delivery

CCEA service consisted of a current state analysis, definition of the aimed service culture and identification of main stakeholder groups and their change needs as well as stakeholder and change impact analysis and approach, plan and milestones to carry out the demanding change in an agile way. Also, measurable objectives / KPIs were created for the service culture renewal program.

The current state analysis and the definition of the change was created through interviews, customer insight as well as employee and management workshops.

Customer Benefits

Customer received a snapshot of the current service culture and honest feedback from different levels of the organization. Straight from the employees but facilitated by an external. The ready-made definition of the aimed service culture, provided by CCEA, made it possible for the customer and CCEA continue to planning the approach and details of the implementation. At the same time, raising internal awareness and interest for the renewed service culture was started.

Thanks to the value that CCEA created during the definition and planning stage, CCEA team continued to support the customer in the execution phase.