Case Huhtamaki: Driving change through a global change agent network


Huhtamaki is a global specialist in packaging for food and drink with a network of 78 manufacturing units and additional 24 sales only offices in altogether 34 countries. Based on company strategic objectives, Huhtamaki was strengthening the common ways of working and collaboration culture across the company. The key focus group was some 6500 white collar workers. To enable improved office work productivity modern digital collaboration tools were implemented.

The challenge was how to reach everyone with the needed information and support to take the new tools and practices in use in their daily work.


Existing tools were replaced with Microsoft O365 services during a strict one-year project. Objective was to guarantee smooth transition to the new tools and boost digital collaboration, consistency and efficiency by adopting common ways of working with the new tools.

CCEA Delivery

As part of the change management activities, an active change agent network was established and equipped to provide hands on support in all sites. In addition to local change agents, there was one dedicated person who managed the change agent network in each business segment. This person was a link between business segment and global project team and a key contact towards the change agents in own business segment.

To ensure commitment and emphasize the importance of the role, change agents were nominated by the unit management teams. The change agent network was trained and facilitated by CCEA change manager. Change agents got an early start for using the new digital collaboration tools before others in the company. The network was kept up-to-date and active in several different ways; e.g. collaborative virtual platform, virtual trainings, best practice sharing, regular calls and recognition.

Customer Benefits

The change agent network proved to be extremely valuable ensuring that information and training reached all users. New digital collaboration tools and practices were positively received and taken in use in a consistent way across the company. A committed network of change agents will continue supporting new digital collaboration practices also in the future.


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