Ecosystem change management


The customer, a large Finnish industrial company was building a partner ecosystem based on Internet of Things (IoT) to be able to offer a larger variety of services to its customers. The company has a strong tradition of innovation and creating products and services. The mindset needed to be turned towards valuing also 3rd party products and services, and digital services compared to physical products.
Business and revenue share models were not in place yet, neither did they have a model for interacting with partners.


The objective was to create a process and operating model for managing partner relationships and a tool to support the process. Also, raising internal awareness of the ecosystem concept and engaging key stakeholders needed to be started in order to create buy-in.

CCEA Delivery

CCEA delivery consisted of

  • Describing the partner interaction process
  • Implementing the process into a Partner portal tool and defining the content and the operating model of the tool
  • Identifying key stakeholder groups and their needs
  • Planning and implementing change management activities

Customer Benefits

The customer received a comprehensive description of the partner interaction process fully aligned with their existing solution creation process, and a partner portal ready to be taken into use. The process was co-created with the key stakeholders.

Communication of the ecosystem was done with consistent and branded messages, both internally and outside the company. This together with other change management activities allowed for internal buy-in for the ecosystem way of working to start arising among key stakeholders.