Establishing change management office


Our customer, a large Finnish service company, had started perhaps their greatest business transformation, targeting to significantly change their way of providing services. Simultaneously, they had started to vigorously digitalize their business.

It was noticed very quickly that the organization, line managers and other key roles had a challenge in their capability and capacity to adopt and implement change in the desired schedule. Traditional training competence was on a high level in the organization, but there were no experts with a holistic change leadership capability and experience.


The objective was to enable the necessary elements for setting up a change management office to support the ongoing transformation. On one hand, the change management office was expected to create and maintain portfolio level overall view to the ongoing and planned changes, and on the other hand it was expected to act as a center of competence and resource pool for change experts.

In addition, the customer wanted to have tested and customized tools for concretizing, planning and implementing the change.

CCEA Delivery

We worked closely with the leader for the newly established change management office and experts who were nominated to change management experts. The change management office model, competence requirements and tools were tailored to suit the customer in a series of workshops where people could participate in defining the function and analysing of key stakeholder analysis and grouping them, and to test and try out the tools in practice. First versions were ready very soon, and they were finetuned during and in between the workshops.

Customer Benefits

We could very rapidly lay out the elements for a functioning and customized change management office for our customer. The experts could start assessing the ongoing and upcoming changes and providing the management with an overview about the change impacts and their timing to different stakeholder groups. The produced overviews were used to support decision making.

In addition, we coached the change management office experts in holistic change management and how they can support success of change by using, among other things, the customized tools.