Implementing a new service concept

Our customer felt they had failed in introducing new services in the past. The operational teams didn’t quite understand what the new services meant for them – and hence they continued to sell and deliver as they had done before. That is why the investments in the development and launching of the new services did not materialize in additional sales and/or improved profitability.

Objective and delivery of our service

The customer expected CCEA to ensure that the daily operations would truly meet the needs of the new service and that the investment in it will pay off.

he main goal for CCEA was to engage both the sales and the delivery personnel to the service. In practice, CCEA collected input on the perceived opportunities and challenges related to the new service, defined the new ways of working together with the operational organization, and built the tools to support the sales and delivery. The implementation was based on workshops in which the sales organization prepared the sales plan for the next year – and got committed to the planned actions.

Benefits for our client

”Our new service concept was quickly defined in such a detailed way that everyone understands how to sell and deliver the service in practice. The key to success was engaging the operational organization in a series of workshops.”
SVP, International service business company

The key benefit to the customer was that the new service was rapidly ready to be sold and delivered. While the value proposition was being developed, the processes and tools to support the sales and delivery where iteratively developed. The CCEA approach ensured that the first version of the new ways of working was drafted fast. By further improving and concretizing it together the sales people got quickly comfortable with the idea of selling and delivering the service – the most eager ones started the sales already during the implementation workshop.