IT change communications development


The IT department of a large Finnish industrial company was struggling with the inefficiency of IT deployments. Users do not start to use new tools, functionalities, ways of working etc. Written communications (intranet, mail, Yammer) is not reaching the IT users. Support is needed in developing IT change communications.


The objective was to create a development plan for IT change communications and put more emphasis to change management. Also, to identify new communication channels towards end users.

CCEA Delivery

CCEA delivery consisted of

  • Action plan for IT change comms development
  • Concept & launch of IT Change network
  • Investigation and proposal for other suitable comms channels

Customer Benefits

A network of change agents in main locations globally was reactivated. The customer was able to start using the network for promoting IT topics and spreading IT related communications. In addition to the concept, several templates were created for managing the network and its activities.

As part of the change network concept, a process of prioritizing IT topics towards end users was taken into use, emphasizing change impact. This raises awareness & understanding of change management in IT. With time, it also helps prioritize IT activities with the end user impact in mind.

In addition to the network, customer received a proposal of other new comms channels that can be used when targeting end users.