IT process deployment

The customer had implemented both new IT processes and a new IT tool. However, the service organization did not work according to the new processes and did not utilize the opportunities of the new tool. The time spent in the development and the launch of the processes and the tool had not materialized as faster and more reliable IT service.

Objective and delivery of our service

The customer wanted CCEA to ensure that the service organization will actually implement the processes and work as required. The maturity level of the service organization was measured by process and critical measures for the tool were set. CCEA’s implementation manager worked as a project manager for the customer and executed the project by gathering information on the current situation and the use-related challenges, managing the project team work and building different kinds of support functions in the service organization in order to improve the process work. Special attention was paid to improving the interaction and communications between different operators and parts of the organization.

Benefits for our client

“I didn’t need to think about the project at all, everything was done in time and the CCEA implementation manager knew what she was doing. She was able to get results quickly with excellent quality.”
Process owner in a global technology company

The process specific maturity level of the service organization improved significantly and the use of the tool increased considerably. The developed maturity level means in practice that the IT organization is able to deliver faster and more reliable service to the business, and that tracking the service is easier. The improved ways of working increased the efficiency of the IT organization.