Case KONE: IT support service provider change and introduction of modern IT end-user services


KONE had decided to change the IT support service provider for end-user services. Also, new and modern IT support services for end-users were planned to be introduced after the service provider change activities had been completed. There were two kind of identified challenges: 1. The service provider transition was made under a tight schedule during the holiday period and 2. Some change resistance was anticipated as these kinds of changes often have a negative impact on end-users’ service level.


Objectives for the project team were to ensure seamless service provider change, user satisfaction and program success. Change management support specifically was responsible for driving the change planning and execution. CCEA responsibility was to keep all the important stakeholders aware of the progress, involve them in the planning and make sure end-users understand the changes, are aware of the new services and know what is expected from them.

CCEA Delivery

CCEA supported the program in two phases: 1. during the service transition phase and 2. during the new services introduction phase. CCEA service included stakeholder & change impact analysis, action plan creation and execution. On a concrete level this means CCEA produced all essential change communications materials, such as presentation materials customized to different key stakeholder groups, promotional materials, news articles and web sites communications. CCEA also executed needed change management actions like organizing regular stakeholder info calls and maintaining a program news site.

In addition, as CCEA professionals are talented in thinking from the end user perspective, our expert was involved in designing the new support services and bringing the end-user’s perspective into the planning. CCEA supported the program for almost 1 year.

Customer benefits

The transition of services to the new IT service provider was smooth. The program team successfully launched several new IT support services and improved user experience by modernizing the support functions and bringing support closer to the user. There were no escalations or change resistance as end-users were aware what is happening, what is expected from them and how do they get support if needed. Key to success in this case was open and systematic communication via different channels and systematic dialogue with key stakeholders.

CCEA professionals had the overall responsibility over the change management allowing the project managers and team members to focus on other topics. The Program Manager was very happy with CCEA expertise, ways of working, as well as the flexibility of our team. The Program Owner appraised the way CCEA implemented the changes and the way the users were informed during the change journey: “CCEA had a professional way to lead the project and consultants really understand the whole process of what is needed to implement the needed change. End-users knew all the time the goal and next steps due to well-planned communication, systematic dialogue and high-quality communication material”.

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