New digital ways of working at Neste

Customer need

Neste was building an internal digital workspace to enable the new digital ways of working globally for Neste employees and support the use of Google tools. The next step in this change was to build a Google integrated platform called Cosmos for internal information sharing, collaboration and interaction globally. The new platform was to replace the current intranet and Google+ communities. From the very beginning the project was seen as a change project, not a technical implementation. The focus was very much people-driven.


Objectives for the people change management were three-fold:

First, the objective was to support Neste employees to understand the new way of working in global context, and how they support business and strategy. It was essential to crystallize the benefits for different roles and the link to their own work.

Secondly, the aim was to ensure the new platform is developed in a way that Neste employees globally are engaged in building and piloting.

And lastly, the target was to create possibilities for everyone to give their insight in the planning phase and empower and support people throughout the change to make it easy for them to start working and collaborating in a new way.

CCEA Delivery

CCEA supported Neste by facilitating the change management planning and leading the people change management stream in the project from the beginning. Key stakeholders were engaged in the planning phase to ensure insights from different employee roles and business units. A solid change management plan was created and implemented in an agile way. Key focus areas in the plan were 1) to get a top and line management commitment from all key functions and business units, 2) build a broad network of change agents who were able to support and inform colleagues locally throughout the change and 3) use integrated communication methods to increase awareness and enable a successful launch of Cosmos. The progress of the change journey was measured with the Celkee change measurement tool, which CCEA provided as part of the service.

Customer Benefits

The effort put on people change management was seen as the most important factor of a very successful launch of Cosmos. The adoption of the new platform as well as the new ways of working was extremely high after the launch (according to analytics, over 75 % of the employees globally visited Cosmos daily during the week). The support and commitment of the change agent network created trust and enthusiasm towards the new digital ways of working. The project team received good feedback about communications, alignment with top management and engagement with different stakeholders. Change measurement results showed progress already before the launch.

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