Strategy and organizational change


A global listed company refreshed its strategy and restructured its organization to make it match with the new strategy. The finalization and announcement of the changes were made in a tight schedule, and the company lacked resources for executing the change and managing people in the change.


The customer wanted to ensure sufficient support for the changes they were about to announce for making sure that the change journey would be successful, and that people would be better engaged to the changes than in the past. The objective of the CCEA service was to support the kick-off for the change, create a concept and governance for people engagement, and to plan and support the strategy execution in practice. For ensuring correct actions along the change journey, one of the key objectives for CCEA service was to facilitate the gathering of insights from the company people via dialogue, engagement, and measurement.

CCEA Delivery

The CCEA service included change assessment and analysis with change action plan set up and executed to manage the strategy implementation and related changes. One focus area for CCEA was to set up a change support governance model for ensuring dialogue, alignment, people engagement and a working input/output process. The governance model included support sessions for the chosen company stakeholder groups that CCEA facilitated and brought in relevant insights and suggestions to mitigate. Another vital part of the change support in people engagement and insight gathering was the Change Champion group that CCEA facilitated. To ensure correct actions and employee satisfaction related to the strategy execution, CCEA established a change measurement process and survey as well as reported the results and recommended actions.

Customer Benefits

CCEA service provided the company with a more effective approach to the change execution. Change support model and CCEA’s full facilitation ensured structure, alignment, and transparency within all the key roles responsible of leading or supporting the change. By engaging Change Champions, the company leadership team received vital insights from the organization for them to lead the change better. Change Champions also acted as a channel between the employees and the leaders that enhanced employee engagement and their experience. The company’s leadership team, HR and communications teams also increased their own capability and understanding on how to support and lead changes better in the future by exposing to the CCEA approach and by the processes, concepts and models left for later use.