Change Leadership Sparring Path for Leadership Teams

Would you need to update the capabilities of your leadership team to meet the requirements of the era of continuous change? CCEA sparring path for leadership teams inspires, encourages, and provides new practices for change management. It helps your leadership team to prioritize and lead change in a way that substantially increases the success rate of your change initiatives and ensures your relevance as leaders.

It’s time to plan a sparring path for your leadership team to help you succeed in the most important changes of the year!

CCEA’s Sparring Path for leadership teams is always customized to serve the needs of your organization. It can be planned to support a specific transformation, a future acquisition, big organizational change or any other major change initiative. The sparring path provides practical tools to lead change, and the entity of several ongoing changes – the change portfolio – on an organizational level. It equips you with tools and practices to implement change in your business areas, segments or functions.

The sparring path consists of four 1.5-hour virtual or face-to-face sparring sessions, peer discussions with a colleague and a follow-up meeting. Individual sparring sessions and resilience profiling can be added to the sparring path. Resilience profiling is a great way to increase valuable knowledge on individual strengths and weaknesses in leading change.

The sparring path is designed to be accomplished alongside daily leadership work. This way, learning is efficient, and the results are quickly realized in everyday work.

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Contents of the sparring path

  • Introduction to people-driven change
  • The nature of the ongoing/upcoming change in your organization
  • Latest brain research and change
  • Change implementation steps
  • Role of a leader at different stages of change
  • Change story and vision
  • Role of communications in change
  • Change portfolio leadership
  • Measuring and monitoring change
  • ResilienceLeading oneself in change
  • Supporting managers


The sparring path can be conducted either face-to-face or virtually with Microsoft Teams.

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