Change Network Finland

”When talking to our customers, we constantly hear the need for support and knowledge sharing in change leadership and implementing change. Our mission at CCEA is to improve the change implementation capability in Finnish businesses to boost future success. Therefore, establishing this network felt natural to us.”

Change Network

Together with some of the biggest companies in Finland, CCEA has founded the Change Network Finland community, aiming to improve the change management capability in Finland. The community brings together people working in change management areas to discuss the trends in change management area, as well as sharing experiences.

In addition to the CCEA team, the community is led by a core team of approx. 10 members, containing some of the leading change management experts from manufacturing, technology and service industries. The discussion takes place in the networks’ LinkedIn group, where everybody working and/or interested in change management are warmly welcomed to join.

The planning for future events has begun, so stay tuned for the news in the Change Network Finland -group!