Successful business requires continuous change. However, most change projects fail because people lack the ability, the desire or the drive to change their own way of working.

CCEA is a company of experts specialized in implementing change. We have an exceptional ability to get people to do their work and think in a new way.

We define the content of the change, plan its implementation, and persistently put it into practice. One person at a time, if needed. In doing so, we maximize the return on our customers’ investment in change.

  • Finland’s biggest company of experts in change implementation
  • Established in 2007
  • Nearly 40 change implementation experts
  • Turnover EUR 3.5+ million
  • Excellent financial performance and solvency
  • Management: Reetta Rajala (Chief Executive Officer), Mira Dahlman (Chief Operating Officer) and Auli Packalén (Chief Marketing Officer)
  • Ownership: Reetta Rajala and Janne Rajala with their families, and Mira Dahlman

CCEA’s story

How do you find top-notch change experts who can accommodate the needs of a large international company? Easier said than done!

Reetta Rajala quickly discovered this in the early 2000s when she couldn’t find the professional services and business models she wanted for change implementation in her work. With no experts available to turn to, Reetta rolled up her own sleeves and made it happen.

Reetta realized in 2007 that the needs in implementing changes are not unique. By the end of the year, she had established the one-person company called Communicea. The idea behind the name was an amalgamation of change implementation, communications and interaction practices into business processes.

The association of the name with traditional corporate communications proved to be problematic. So in the winter of 2014 the name was shortened to CCEA. The one-person company has grown to become Finland’s largest implementer of change. Immersed in our passion, we continue working hard so that our customers successfully achieve the change they are looking for. Each and every day.

Board of Directors

Antti Koskelin

Antti Koskelin

Antti Koskelin is Chief Information Officer at KONE and the latest reinforcement to CCEA’s Board of Directors; he started as a member of our Board in May 2017. Selected as CIO of the year in 2011, Antti is a strategic leader who believes in people engagement. He has participated in numerous change projects of international companies, and he brings to CCEA’s Board a valuable perspective of the change needs global companies have as well as digital services and business-driven IT, which are increasingly critical in business operations and thus also in change initiatives.

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Jari Myyryläinen

Jari Myyryläinen

Jari Myyryläinen is Head of Industry Applications at Konecranes Group. Over the course of his long career at Konecranes he has worked in numerous other managerial positions and piloted major change projects. He started as a member of CCEA’s Board in 2015. He brings to the Board his solid experience and understanding of the kind of support companies need when implementing their change projects in order for the changes to become rooted in the daily activities.

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Matti Vilmi

Matti Vilmi

Matti Vilmi is Chief Executive Officer at Nitor and a member of CCEA’s Board since 2016. Nitor is a fast-growing digital engineering company producing excellent results, and in 2017 it was ranked as one of the best places to work in Finland and Europe. Matti brings to CCEA’s Board his perspective and experience in heading a growth company, digital services, agile development, and maintaining a good work community.

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Mira Dahlman

Mira Dahlman

Mira Dahlman is the Chief Operating Officer and Principal Consultant at CCEA and a member of the Board since 2009. Mira brings to CCEA’s Board her experience-honed expertise in change projects and customer account management, as well as her social psychology understanding of the agile management of a quickly growing company and work community as well as the creation of an open corporate culture.

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Outi Torniainen

Outi Torniainen

Outi Torniainen is Senior Vice President of Communications and Marketing at Etteplan and CCEA’s chairman of the board. She has been on the board since 2011, and she started as chairman in March 2018. Etteplan specializes in technical engineering, documentation and digitalization, and its customers include the world’s leading companies in the manufacturing industry and innovative startups. Precise, clear and correctly timed communication in changes as a crucial management tool is one of the cornerstones of success, and as a communications professional Outi brings to CCEA’s Board her perspective and expertise in this key area of change management.

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Reetta Rajala

Reetta Rajala

Reetta Rajala is a member of CCEA’s Board and, above all, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of CCEA. She has 25 years of experience in business development and change management. Reetta brings to the Board her real-time and constantly forward-looking perspective of the kinds of change challenges CCEA’s customers encounter in their business, and how CCEA can grow and develop as a company and as an expert organization.

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Roni Jokinen

Roni Jokinen

Roni Jokinen, M.Sc. (Econ.), brings youthful enthusiasm to CCEA’s Board. Additionally, he supports CCEA by organizing student collaboration with the aim of finding the young talent with the most potential. Roni also represents continuity in CCEA’s Board: he is the son of CCEA’s founder and CEO Reetta Rajala. He has had a first-row view of our growth story and is a champion of CCEA’s continued growth.

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CCEA is committed to responsible business, that we constantly develop together.

Our way of working is defined in CCEA’s working culture.

  • Our work is based on strong team work, continuous discussion, self-leadership and proactivity. Our working culture is built together.
  • Our organization structure is flat and flexible. We lead our business openly and with honesty.
  • We support equality and respect the diversity of our colleagues. Everyone is treated equally, and no-one is discriminated. We support the personal and career development of our lonttis.
  • We want to enable a good private and work life balance and support our colleagues’ holistic wellbeing. Read more on our Join us page.
  • In our everyday office life, we strive to choose the most environmentally friendly options and sustainable solutions.

We also want to do our part to support the development of our society. The two of CCEA’s main values, helping and taking care of each other, are reflected in our social responsibility work. Healthier Baltic Sea and supporting the youth in education and sports are specifically the topics closest to our heart.

  • We protect the Baltic Sea: Already for several years, CCEA has donated the Seasons Greetings’ budget to Baltic Sea Action Group for protecting the sea. Read more.
  • We cover the study costs for two Upper Secondary School students, who come from families with inadequate funds.
  • We sponsor two young and rising sports stars on their journey to reach their key sports championships; Monika Mikkola, a sailor in Laser Radial class (since 2015) and Niko Kukkonen, an alpine skier (since 2014).
  • We support youth sports teams.
  • We take part in selected charity events.

Contact us


Business ID: FI 21614917
Keilaranta 1
FI-02150 Espoo
Tel. +358 (0) 207 4011 40
Our e-mail addresses are in the format firstname.lastname(at)ccea.com

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