Elina Rautjärvi

What is your history with CCEA?

I joined CCEA in 2014 from a major, globally operating company where my last position was head of change management. When I saw CCEA’s job opening advertisement I was excited to see that someone really does get to do this kind of work for a living! So I got my dream job.

Once I started working at CCEA, I was extremely pleased with the outstanding induction process and the family-like, open work culture. Right from the start I was able to participate in customer meetings and in a couple of shorter projects.

Currently I am working as a senior consultant in a digitalization project with a major customer company, both with business operations and corporate communications. My job duties are very diverse, ranging from process definition work to planning and implementing various communications materials. I work in close collaboration with the customer’s different teams, and, in fact, creating and maintaining customer relations is also important in my role.

What’s it like to be a lontti?

We are all different, but we all share a common understanding of what change management is. This is something I realized already during the job interview.

Lonttis have a high respect for each other’s professional skills, and we are eager to learn. We are also ready to share our own experiences and things we have learned. I have never felt it difficult to ask my colleagues for help or to give them advice. At the moment, I don’t have a fellow lontti involved in my customer project, but I do know that I can always get support if I need it.

Our open and respectful culture is unparalleled. I am proud to be a lontti, and it’s always really nice to tell people that I work at CCEA – particularly if the person I’m talking with is familiar with us and our reputation.