Johanna Tynkkynen

Who are you and what do you do at CCEA?
I joined CCEA as a consultant in early 2016. In my previous work I was intimately involved in various development and change projects in which – as with changes in general – internal marketing played a key role in changing the organizational culture and way of thinking.

At CCEA, I am currently working on merging the culture and tools of two global companies. My projects are closely linked to the advancement of digitalization. Digital tools and virtual work are also characteristic of my own activities. I can choose where and when I do my work, a fact that requires personal leadership. Global business runs 24/7.

In project work, the outcome, i.e. the achievement of targets, is what motivates me. Often it takes a while for the targets, such as business growth or customer satisfaction, to become visible, but the progress of the work can be monitored through intermediate goals.

What’s it like to be a lontti?
The lontti family is the best team I have ever worked with! I applied for a job with CCEA on the recommendation of a friend, but the team spirit here still managed to surprise me. Lonttis are not only colleagues, we are also friends; we can share non-work-related matters with each other, and that adds to our sense of cohesiveness. Within our own customer team, we are constantly exchanging experiences and best practices. The team provides a lot of support.

To be a lontti and to work as a consultant at CCEA, you have to be skilled at asking questions and listening. It is interactive work. The work also requires focus, observation and adaptation. Changes are typically advanced in an agile manner, and plans must be capable of being modified and smoothly implemented into practice.

What gives you energy for work?
My hobbies help me to manage and contain my work. I love animals and I’m very involved with horses and dogs. Being an equestrian requires total concentration. When I’m horseback riding, I can completely block out the everyday busy work and other thoughts. Just as I enjoy personal development in my work, I also want to become better at riding horses – even though my main goal with my hobby is to bring joy and balance to offset my demanding work.