Juha Lindfors

Who are you and what is your job like?

I’m an optimistic change management professional driving for renewal. I have a background in research, development and project work. I started at CCEA in 2017, and I currently work as a principal consultant. I feel it really rewarding to be part of the team building CCEA’s growth story. Based on my previous jobs, I understand well why the demand for the services CCEA offers is increasing. After all, the entire business life is about creating new and being able to constantly change. And the pace of change is only accelerating.

As principal consultant my main responsibility is to ensure that our clients receive the service they need and are satisfied with our service as a whole. As customer and sales responsible consultant, I am supporting and leading the work of our consultant teams. In addition, there are projects where I’m strongly involved in hands-on work together with our clients. Versatile tasks and responsibilities provide an opportunity to continually learn new things.

What is it like to be a lontti?

Being a lontti is closely related to CCEA’s key values and principles, which define who we want to be, what we want to do and how. Sure, every company defines its commonly shared values, but one must agree that lontti is a more humane and positive term than, let’s say, a resource or an employee.

Our most visible values are openness, willingness to help one another, sense of belonging, happiness, and positivity. Openness concretizes in everything we do. Everything that happens in CCEA is shared openly with every lontti. The open corporate culture is also reflected in our customer projects – changes are implemented more easily and surprises avoided when the ways of working are clearly communicated to everyone from the start.

CCEA is still a relatively small company whose benefits, in comparison to larger companies, are a rapid and timely decision-making process, low hierarchy, and knowing one’s colleagues face-to-face. In a small work community, willingness to help others plays an important role – You are never left alone, you will get help even without asking.

Where do you get your energy?

I enjoy doing sports – I get energy from sports for everything I do. By contrast, a meaningful and rewarding job gives me energy to do other things. I am lucky to be in a situation and job such as these. Another important resource are colleagues. Nothing gives you more energy than working with great people.