Mira Dahlman

Who are you and what is your history with CCEA?

I’ve been helping to build CCEA’s growth story since 2008. Despite the robust growth, we are still a company that is small and agile enough where you can learn and understand many different aspects of business.

I am the Chief Operating Officer and Principal Consultant at CCEA. As the COO, my goal is to ensure that our offering and our expertise meet the needs of our customers. I am responsible for CCEA’s culture and people, and I want to do my part to help build a strong sense of doing things together. Team days, monthly meetings, walking meetings, and shared office days on Fridays for the entire team are examples of the practices we have established to promote a sense of community and interaction.

I am a member of both the CCEA Leadership Team and the Board of Directors. These are extremely interesting forums piloting our future. As Principal Consultant, my main duty is to ensure customer satisfaction with our services as a whole. This is closely linked to things like business responsibility and understanding, correct resourcing, maintaining customer relations, and genuinely listening to customers. For us, it is important that customers feel that they receive comprehensive service.

What does it mean to be a lontti?

Being a lontti is rooted in the values that are important to us and that guide our activities in customer projects and as colleagues. The term “lontti” was the outcome of a team effort at the CCEA days in 2011. One of the teams illustrated CCEA as a chameleon capable of adapting to many situations; “lontti” is a shortened Finnish word for “chameleon.”

As lonttis, we use a versatile toolbox to support our customers in implementing change and in achieving business targets. We are meticulous, we are immersed in our passion, and we have a big heart. This is reflected not only in customer feedback, but, above all, also in how we take care of each other.

We feel that “personnel” is too passive of a term to describe our active lonttis and our culture of collaboration. That’s why we use the term lontti regularly also in more formal conjunctions, such as in processes and in our policies.