Sanna Lehto

Who are you and what is your history with CCEA?

I started at CCEA as a consultant back in 2009. I was the company’s third employee! So I have experienced the growth from a team of three to a company with close to thirty experts. Our focus through the years has shifted from processing change to comprehensive change management. However, the idea of the individual being at the center of change has always been clear.

I wouldn’t say that CCEA has suffered from growing pains because, right from the start, the company has invested in the community and the work atmosphere. New employees have been warmly received and have become part of our work community, our lontti family. As the business has evolved, the family bond shared by lonttis has endured. Moreover, what’s best for employees, for instance in terms of tools and benefits, has always been a focus at CCEA.

What’s it like to work at CCEA?

I work as a consultant mainly in IT projects, and I have also been responsible for internal HR issues at CCEA. For example, I assisted in recruiting efforts while I was on parental leave with two children. During that time, it was important for me that I was able to not only maintain contact in a meaningful way with my colleagues, but also my grip on the work that was going on. Also during my parental leave, I was also able to participate in CCEA’s team days and in the company events that were of interest to me.

As a person with a family, it’s really important to me that the work at CCEA is flexible in terms of working hours and place. I get to do work that is meaningful and extremely interesting. However, the best thing at CCEA is the incredibly great coworkers and the way of doing things together! Being a lontti is about having an attitude of helpfulness and openness. You help your colleagues – even though many times people are busy with their own projects. It is impossible to replace or scale this kind of work community.