Maarit Pojanluoma

Senior Consultant
M.Sc. (Econ.)

"The desire for change stems from the need to develop business. Success comes from realizing a shared vision. Let’s do it together as a team and one person at a time."


I am a business professional who is passionate and loves people. I have a positive and unyielding attitude to life. Customer service is the spice of my life, and I want to exceed customer expectations on a daily basis. I am excited about changes that boost business competitiveness and puts them into practice.

During my career, I have implemented change projects both as a consultant for various organizations and when acting as a director in various companies. I have had over one hundred different customers during my career. As a strategist, I have been involved in defining, planning and implementing changes in many different industries. I have a strategic approach with a can-do attitude. I am happy and content when I achieve good results.

In my spare time, I enjoy marine nature experiences and follow my teenage daughter’s journey of change from a girl to a young woman.

I am part of the CCEA’s partner network.


Many companies are now in survival mode because of the global crisis. However, the prevailing mode of crisis thinking can cripple the community and rarely leads to lasting change. Genuine and lasting change means more than overcoming a crisis. It requires a strong and common culture of trust, and an approach that encourages curiosity. CCEA’s unique operating model and tools make it possible to engage people and thereby lead a change even in larger numbers. We identify, build and maintain forces of change through a systematic process, sometimes even one person at a time.


Extensive experience in business development and strategic planning in the following areas of change, amongst others:

  • Analysing the need for change, making change plans and conceptualizing change
  • Business, sales and marketing strategy planning
  • Planning and implementation of individual changes
  • Utilizing customer and employee experiences in change management
  • Strategic planning and implementation of brand and service development
  • Productization as a tool for change
  • Building and empowering change agent networks
  • Designing and implementing operating models and processes
  • Implementing and engaging digital transformation projects
  • Multichannel change communications and development of organizational culture