Alisa Knuutinen

MSc Management of Innovation
BSc International Communication and Media

"You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf. – Jon Kabat-Zinn"

+358 (0)45 787 65965


I am a professional in human-centric change and learning. My passion is to support organisations to become more people and planet centric. Through my work, I accelerate workplace transformation through coaching, facilitation, communication, competency development and community building. I am particularly energized about organising events and trainings, especially when given the freedom to do things boldly differently.

As a professional, my strengths are learning mindset, co-creative approach and high standards for my work. Having lived in four countries, I am comfortable in international settings. I feel the most successful when I notice that people impacted by the change start talking and behaving in accordance with the new way of working.

After turning off the laptop, I find myself at the yoga mat or at the stables. I have spent many summers (and winters) backpacking in different parts of the world. I love experiences. My friends and family turn to me for advice for restaurant recommendations.


Change is here to stay. In order to meet the new demands of customers, employees and other stakeholders, companies need to continuously reform and reinvent themselves. The most successful companies are those that “learn to surf” the waves of change instead of fighting against them. When it comes to change in the corporate world, we commonly forget the people (or the surfers) and get immersed in the technical requirements or details of the new operating model (the surfboard itself).

However, at the end of the day, it is the people who need to learn new things and change their behavior. Without behavioral change, we cannot realize the desired project benefits. That is where change management comes in. Change management looks at the change from the angle of the people. Therefore, as a change leader, I ask: “How could we help people to understand the upcoming change and their role in it? How could we support the adaptation of the new way of working? How could we ensure that the change sticks – also in the future?”

By engaging stakeholders from early on, they can have a say how the change will look like. Through co-creation, the change is made together rather than it being an unpleasant surprise that “the silly idea that the guys somewhere far away came up with.


  • Facilitation
  • Change execution
  • Change competency
  • Co-creation
  • Communication
  • Communities of Practice
  • Training & competency development

I have the following certifications: Coach & Training from the Back of the Room.