Anu Järvelä

Principal Consultant
M.Sc. (Tech.)

"To make a change happen you need to roll up your sleeves and start working."

+358 (0) 50 506 0313


I am a long-term professional in planning and implementing changes in different organizations. During my career I have been driving changes both in a consultant role and as an organization’s internal change management lead. I have been in charge for the overall business change management in a major multi-year business transformation and digitalization program as well as planned and implemented various types of changes from process and operating model development to outsourcing of operations.

I have a strong background in business and B-to-B sales development and have been working most of my career in project organizations, so I am used to adapting to different working environments. I am a team player who gets easily along with people and can concretize even the most complicated topics to clear and understandable communication.

Family along with sports and outdoors related hobbies help me balance with work and free time.


Too often change initiatives concentrate on changing processes and tools without engaging those individuals who are impacted by the changes. Only by ensuring people’s commitment the change can really happen. In CCEA we have a superb team with a mission to implement the changes even one person at a time if needed. It is a great pleasure to be part of such a team and support our customers in reaching their business targets by making sure the planned changes get implemented.


My key areas of expertise are

  • Planning and implementing individual changes
  • Overall change management in large transformation programs
  • Defining and implementing processes and operating models
  • Change communication
  • Planning and implementing training programs
  • Creating and supporting change networks
  • Project management
  • Prosci® Change Management Practitioner and People-Driven Change certified