Anu Peltola

Senior Consultant

"Be the change you want to see."

+358 (0) 40 559 8581


Goal oriented and efficient change management professional, excited about the projects which require using my skills across the limits. As a former communications manager, the importance of communication and interaction is near to my heart.

It’s all about the people. The way the people are treated, involved in the change, how they are communicated to, is The Key for everything.

Whether it is work or leisure time, I put my all into a game. My working experience includes supervisory tasks, change projects and communications in large scale global organizations even before my role as senior consultant. Positive-minded and excellent emotional intelligence are not just a rhetoric for me.

I challenge myself also off work, for example in deadlifting. To balance the physical hobbies, I read and blog, craft and cook, and recharge in nature.

Part of CCEA partner network.


What else is constant, except change?

Businesses do their core business with the resources they have. The supervisors do not have the time or necessarily a profound knowledge to drive changes in situations where their own work takes yet more than one hundred percent. We in CCEA focus on change management, allowing customers to focus on business without change dip, changing their own business without changing the company’s overall performance. Me and all the rest of the CCEAns really want to help in implementing changes. This is the top team, into which it is a privilege to belong.

I believe that the change can begin with one person. I can be that one.


International IT projects, system implementations, outsourcing, management team sparring in change situations or putting supervisory practices into actions have become familiar. Communication planning and hands-on doing will be accomplished.

In change situations, I focus on people – any tool deployment, process change, organizational change, or strategy rollout will not succeed if the planning does not start with the stakeholder needs.