Arja Turunen

Manager, Administration

"The only way to expand your comfort zone and embrace new things is to venture beyond your comfort zone."

+358 (0) 40 767 4852


Primarily the keeper of the office and support person. The go-to person for financial, contract and administration issues.

I am experienced in running an office and supporting personnel. I have experience in assisting management in major international companies, building and maintaining internal communications, and implementing and developing organizational structural changes. I also have experience in government administration and the graphic design.

Outside my work, my focus is on crafts, music and the outdoors.


The broad scope of my current position allows me to see what impacts what. Seeing the big picture and holding several different strings come natural to me. Additionally, teamwork is always inspiring to me.


Strengths include inquisitiveness, quick internalization of different operating environment systems, contract and financial administration, internal communications and the ability to understand the customer’s needs, whether an external or internal customer.