I am a seasoned expert in change implementation. With my nearly 20 years of experience, I have a proven track record in renewing companies and in implementing changes. I have supported dozens of change projects, headed the Change Management Office function, and built change leadership competence in customer organizations. I lead several of CCEA’s customer teams, and I’m a member of our Leadership Team.

To counterbalance my magnificent job, I enjoy doing outdoor physical activities – from orienteering to cross-country skiing, trail jogging and canoeing.


Thinking about how things could be better – and then making it happen – is something that has always been natural to me. That’s why I am at my best in renewing companies and implementing changes. And CCEA is really the ideal workplace if and when you want to continuously improve in this area. In addition to the role of Principal Consultant, I’m in charge of our marketing and business development, and every day I get to think about what we can do to make CCEA even better.


I wear many hats and am a certified SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) Agilist and Lean Change Agent. My special expertise includes

  • Analyzing, prioritizing and managing change portfolios
  • Building and running the Change Management Office function
  • Planning and implementing individual changes
  • Engagement, facilitation and mentoring
  • Implementing strategies and business models
  • Digitalization of business, processes and services
  • Creating and supporting change networks
  • Continuous, agile renewal and development