Elina Ämmälä

Senior Consultant
Master of Social Sciences, Communication

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

+358 400 748 835


I am a seasoned expert in change leadership, a trainer, and a coach. I am inspired by the growth opportunities that change offers to leaders and organizations. I have led and implemented various kinds of changes from strategies to M&As and from re-organization projects to cultural transformations. My experience in different organizations both in the private and public sectors provides me with tools for working with different kinds of changes, cultures and organizations.

I help organizations and leaders in people-driven change by coaching and consulting leaders and change managers and helping them to develop change management and leadership capabilities. In my work, I make use of my extensive toolkit including the following certifications: Certified Business Coach, Workplace Big Five, EQ-I 2.0, Personal Resilience Practitioner and, of course, CCEA’s People-Driven Change certification.

I am a part of CCEAs partner network.

In my free time I charge my batteries with vitamin Sea by sailing and running by the seashore. I also love to get lost in a good book and I am always eager to share tips and thoughts on a good read.


The secret of successful change is in gaining and creating insight and working together. In an organization, change can happen when people share the same vision and see the change as relevant and desirable. In my experience, change management is a fascinating combination of knowhow, theory and practical tools, taking time to clear one’s thoughts and rolling up one’s sleeves. At best, it can be very rewarding. Professional change management can not only help gain the desired benefits of the change but also contribute to wellbeing and productivity.


  • Change management, developing change leadership capabilities and resilience, changes in strategy, culture, organization, and operating model
  • Training and coaching leaders, managers and change makers
  • Developing leadership teams
  • Change communications