What does change mean to us and to me in everyday work? What is relevant and prioritized and which are the first steps? What are our new ways of working and how do we ensure we do not go back to the old ones?

These kind of questions I’ve been asking from myself and my co-workers while working as an internal development manager. I’ve gained a broad experience in driving change as HRD Manager in a global company. The essence of my work has been to empower the high-performing organization together with the business leaders. My passion is to create business impact through leading the people-driven change agenda, involving people to engage with How to deliver the best value to customers. I believe in co-operation and the potential we all have in ourselves. I embrace result orientation, agile mindset and high integrity.

Special focus:

  • People and Culture transformation projects, focusing on people engagement and enablement
  • Operational excellence and cross business collaboration
  • Multi-channel communication to bridge strategy and execution


I’m happy to be part of CCEA team, true change professionals. Together we keep learning and developing ourselves and new tools for the benefit of our customers. As a consultant I work hands-on and bring people together to picture and clarify the transformation journey. I encourage to new kind of thinking, doing and knowledge sharing. To genuinely and permanently renew the working methods, one needs to start by taking the first small steps.


My idea of successful change implementation is:

  • Make it as concrete as possible
  • Collect feedback and observe
  • Step by step, persistently
  • Build networks, change capabilities and confidence

I am a certified Lean Change Agent.