Elli Perklén

Principal Consultant
M.Sc. (Econ.)

"Today is a good day for asking questions, questioning and listening."

+358 (0) 50 585 7464


During my career I have been part of many changes. Sometimes with more support, sometimes less. How does it feel to change jobs? How does it feel when your employer merges with another? How does it feel when you frequently have a new supervisor? What’s it like when you get new, albeit better tools in the middle of a major project you are working on?  What’s it like to start your own business and discontinue it? What’s it like to be unemployed or to be laid off? What happens when there are big changes in your job description? And what’s it like to work in a smallish, positive and growing company?

I have been an employee of a major international company as well as a consultant supporting multiple companies in implementing various change projects. Common to all of these – and in an important role – is the person who will be subjected to these changes. My personal experiences provide a good foundation for pushing forward and growing also as a support person and mentor for others. CCEA offers excellent tools and the very best colleagues for this work.


CCEA’s activities are centered around supporting people to work together towards a common goal. A mutual understanding of the big picture and of the individual pieces that make it are accentuated. It provides a good foundation for pushing onwards with different plans and actions towards the common goal.

It’s a privilege to be able to work with such different kinds of projects with different kinds of people. Every day is a new learning opportunity.


Among my successes and areas of expertise in change projects are

  • Explaining and simplifying things, even though it can sometimes take time
  • Assuming and delegating responsibility – clear roles and responsibilities are the key to quick advancement
  • Helping people and working together – this makes everyone’s workday much more rewarding

Additionally, I am a certified SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) Agilist, Prosci® Certified Change Practitioner and Lean Change Agent.