Eveliina Sivula

Marketing Manager
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

+358 (0) 50 342 3377


I am a person who starts to get ideas during the conversions. Trying culture, testing, and developing things comes from my nature but I do not disparage routines at all. I also develop myself continuously and because of that I often find myself participating in different courses or starting a new school.

I started at CCEA as a Marketing Manager on January 2021. I have earlier work experience from marketing and technology companies.

I relax spending time in outdoors, by cooking and being together with my loved ones.


People is the basis of my work in marketing. I want to create content which creates value to our target groups: our customers, employees, potential employees and all the rest target groups. The human-centered culture at CCEA fits perfectly to my own personal values.

For me it is important to do work which creates relevancy also to the society. At CCEA I have the possibility to encourage the competitiveness of Finnish companies via successful change management. I work towards this goal by aiming to raise the brand of CCEA, its professionals and human-centered change management.


My strengths include:

  • Marketing and advertising
  • Strong trying culture, developing
  • Target group oriented thinking
  • Project management