Heikki Lehtola

Master of Economics and Business Administration

"Change can be a threat or an opportunity - you decide which one it is."

+358 (0) 40 705 6383


You might find yourself pondering, how I am going to get people commit to the change? How should we create opportunities for our people to take part in making change? What should we do first?

This is where I and we can help you. I am experienced change implementer whose skills to clarify and inspire have produced excellent results in small and big change projects.

When I’m not working, I read and write and take care of my physical well-being by going to the gym and riding my bicycle.


World changes faster than ever – they keep saying – it is true, though. At CCEA we work hard for your ease of living and working in this fast-moving world. Let’s do it together with positive spirit!


  • Change programs and transformations – from designing the big picture to working with you in your daily tasks
  • Change communication
  • Designing and implementing training programs
  • Seeing the big picture and finding the most relevant information