Iida Haikonen

Coordinator / Thesis collaboration with CCEA
Industrial Engineering and Management student

+358 (0) 50 577 7889


I am soon-to-be graduate of Industrial Engineering and Management. My work experience is in B2B sales and account management alongside with management consulting.

I spend majority of my free time reading, and currently my favourite genre is psychological trillers. Moreover, I exercise outdoors, and search for the perfect recipe for brownies.


I am interested in psychology and social psychology, which is why the perspective of individuals intrigues me also when it comes to changes. My passion is to execute changes especially minding the people that are going to live the change in their everyday life. I have frustratingly often faced a situation where the planning of change is overly emphasized, while the actualization of the change is taken for granted. Therefore, I feel strongly motivated by the people-driven approach of CCEA, and I am excited to get to grow and develop myself in apprentice of CCEA’s experienced change implementation professionals.


My strengths include:

  • Analysing information and seeing the relevant in the big picture
  • Organized and systemic working approach
  • Taking initiative
  • Desire to continuously learn and develop myself