Jasmin Honkanen

M.Sc. (Econ.)

"It’s vital to consider the individual and support in finding one’s own motivation to change."

+358 (0) 40 137 2300


I am a human centred change and business development professional. For the past five years I have focused in developing businesses from customer need and experience perspectives, my projects ranging from strategy renewals to operating model implementation. The interest in human behaviour and the will to make work and business more meaningful are the common nominators for my work and education history. I believe that better results are always achieved together. My strengths are in finding relevance in complexity, conceptual thinking and crystallization. I highly value research but I also do get things done. I am driven by my meaningful work and I get energy from motivated people around me.

During my free time, you will find me reading about psychology, interior decorating or exploring the nature with my dog.


At CCEA we have a true human focus in change management, enriched with a collaborative mindset. We believe in empathy, human insight and co-creation. Change should always be planned and implemented together. The reason for change needs to be genuine and well argued, and clearly communicated to everyone. Change requires a proper plan, that’s updated in an agile manner, and a persistent mind. It is key to stay on pulse on how people are feeling and thinking. It is vital to consider the individual and support in finding one’s own motivation to change. Not forgetting to celebrate even the tiniest accomplishments and victories along the way.

All the above are needed to strengthen the change capability and culture – and to create something new.


My special expertise includes

  • planning and implementing individual changes
  • agile transformation and development
  • strategy work, brand and service development
  • change agent network
  • concepts and communication
  • co-creation and facilitation

In addition, I am a certified SAFe Agilist, ScrumMaster and Lean Change Agent. I also have skills in facilitation and in Kanban.