Karoliina Krook

Senior Consultant
MSc (Organizational Communications, Political Science)

"The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else. - Eric Ries"

+358 (0) 44 300 7578


I am an experienced professional in change management. I have 15+ years experience in communications and implementing change. Organizational culture change and leadership development are the themes I get most excited. My work background is in manufacturing and various communication roles. I am inspiring and down to earth and can translate complicated things in to clear and simple key messages. I truly enjoy working with different people, literally wearing overalls when needed.

In my free time, I enjoy the theater, both in the auditorium and on stage. I get excited about windy days by the sea, reading and old buildings.


Change is constant and faster than ever before. To succeed in such a world, both the organization and its people must quickly learn new things and be able to flexibly apply it to their work. Therefore, it is important to help people to understand what is going on, how they can influence change, and what is expected of them. The CCEA’s people-driven approach provides great models for this and an in-depth understanding of change and how people will make it happen.


My strengths are:

  • Strategy
  • Lean as a way of leading and working
  • Communications
  • Leadership development and organizational culture change
  • Getting the big picture
  • Training and fascilitating

I am also a sertified Lean Agile Coach.