Katri Ranta

Principal Consultant

"Being successfull in change requires listening, planning, perseverance, openness, leadership, learning... just to name a few competences. Each of these can be developed."

+358 (0) 40 740 0350


I am a change and HR professional with 20 years’ experience in global business environment. During my career I have been part of several different system, process and organization changes as a part of the program team, change leader or as a target of these changes. Based on this experience, my approach to change management is very pragmatic and realistic. Change never happens in isolation, typically it comes on the top of normal work. It is a juggle between daily tasks and getting onboard in change.

My working style is people centric and action oriented. I believe in collaboration and teamwork and always aim to see the big picture and understand different perspectives while getting the work done.


Change forces us to review our current way of working. Often the circumstances are not ideal for embracing the change and it may cause more stress and workload, especially if there is a lot of unclarity around the change. With the right change actions, capabilities and mindset, it is possible to build a good environment for a successful change and ensure that the productivity and wellbeing of people is not compromised. I want to be contributing to building a better working environment by providing support for leaders, managers and the entire organization, especially when facing a change.


  • Several system, process or organization changes (program team member, change stream lead, HR representative)
  • Organization and organization culture change
  • Competence and leadership development
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Sparring partner for HR and leaders
  • Wide experience from HR field in global business environment

I have the following certifications:

  • Personal Resilience Practitioner (Resilience Alliance)
  • SHL 360 facilitator
  • TMP (Team Management Profile) facilitator
  • Lean Change Agent