Katri Ranta

Senior Consultant

"Changing the way of working is not easy. It takes time and effort. Having a good and clear plan, process and tools that support the implementation and systematic follow-up of the progress help to succeed."

+358 (0) 40 740 0350


I have worked in human resources roles in big, global companies for almost 20 years. During these years I have experienced change several times and from different angles. I have been planning and implementing the change from the start, participated a change project team or been a subject of the change myself. We have carried out the changes with people from different parts and levels of the organization, from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. This has been the challenge and richness of the work. Each project has taught something new. Learning new and developing the capabilities of people and organizations is close to my heart and always inspires me.
Besides working, I enjoy spending time with my family and doing and following different sports. Our active beagle-dog takes care that I cannot skip the daily exercise.


Having the sports background, I know that learning new and getting good at it, requires a lot of work, sweat and perseverance. In the midst of hard work, however, space must be left for connecting with others, creativity and seeing the world around. I joined CCEA, since CCEA has strong and solid competence in change implementation, desire to do things well and together in persistent, courageous and forward looking way. We roll our sleeves and get things done together with the customers!


I have experience of various change initiatives and developing the organizational and individual capability. My areas of expertise are:

  • analysing the need for change and preparing the change plan
  • supporting the change program planning and implementation
  • supporting change communication planning and implementation
  • designing and implementing change concepts and tools
  • coordinating change projects
  • facilitating change workshops
  • developing organization culture and ways of working
  • planning and implementing compentence and leadership development initiatives

Additionally, I am a certified Lean Change Agent.