Kimmo Vättö

Principal Consultant, Change Measurement Services
Development Director

+358 (0) 40 506 5934


I am an experienced and energetic change & project management and software engineering professional. In everyday life, I’m often a solution developer and proponent of continuous improvement. I find it most rewarding when I’m a part of a diverse team that creatively solves challenges along the way to the joint success. I have gained experience in various leadership roles in an international corporate environment as well as in diverse hands-on roles in the startup world.


Those who focus on the right things will succeed in the change:

  • Change needs to be measured, and the right things need to be brought in to discussion.
  • High-quality interaction on critical issues is the key to success.
  • Change has only happened when people are acting and doing things differently.


I help in visualizing the progress of the change and identifying the things that need additional focus. For this purpose, we developed Celkee Insight  solution. I have supported the measuring of change with Celkee Insight in about one hundred different types of projects in a plurality of sectors.

My strengths are:

  • In-depth understanding of change dynamics and projects in large and distributed organizations
  • Identifying key metrics of change
  • Ability to complete things
  • Continuous improvement of policies and processes

Also, I am a Business Coach.