Laura Nordström

Senior Consultant

"Be the change you want to see in the world - Gandhi "


I am HR professional, specialized in people development. More than a decade, I have been supporting and coaching management teams, leaders and personnel to succeed. I have been a member in various global management teams where I have been responsible both strategic and operative HR duties. 

Especially through management team work I have had the chance to be part and influence of various change and development projects since the planning phase. I enjoy being active member in the implementation phase, working shoulder to shoulder and listening consciously any arising needs that needs to be met along the way.

My strengths lie in understanding and helping others to see the programming behind human behaviour. Discovering these root causes and bringing them visible enables authentic and sustainable change.

In my free time I enjoy strengthening my vitality, having exciting game nights with my family and travelling to exotic destinations.


Any kind of change needs always also changes in our internal wiring, updates in thinking patterns. If this perspective is forgotten, and people are not in the center, changes become heavy and slow, and in worst case scenario burns out the people involved. I care for people and their wellbeing, which is why I genially want to help, inspire and coach people to see possibilities to grow within any kind of change. I want to be part of creating value adding changes in modern and empowering way.


I have versatile experience in changes like organisational, strategy, ways of working and culture.

My special expertise include 

  • Coaching leaders and managers (group and individual)
  • Self Leadership coaching
  • Change management with HR perspective
  • Conflicts and challenges in collaboration
  • Performance development
  • Vision, mission, strategy and goals
  • Cultural and atmosphere changes
  • Conflicts and challenges in collaboration

Certificates that support are: Certified Business Coach, Strategic Intervention Coach, SHL 360, Big 5, TMP (Team Management Profile).