Maria Rusko

Principal Consultant
Master of Science in Economics

"People are slaves to their habits. And changing habits is really demanding as we all know. It requires lot of experience, stamina and tested tools. Especially when wanting to boost the benefit realization via truly engaged employees."

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I get super excited when hearing someone to be at the beginning of a change journey. When someone really wants to make a dent. And to take alongside vast number of colleagues.

During couple of decades, I have been involved in at least with as many change journeys. During our latest research employees are impacted by more than ten change initiatives every year so the phase is really picking up.

Even though I’ve experienced plenty of success stories as well as failures and learned from all I still feel extremely humble in front of every new change. All changes have different background stories and reasoning. The only way to truly understand and to be able to help is by carefully listening what is most urgently needed in that specific change.


Change becomes part of organization’s way of working and the business benefits are realized only by taking the employees along to the joint journey. By making sure that each and everyone is able and willing to operate in the new and understands the core reasoning behind the change.

It requires hard work to succeed. In my opinion best way is to truly involve different stakeholders, take benefit from tested frameworks and be agile. Quicker time to proficiency and ownership of the new way of working will follow as well as benefit realization.


  • I create change journeys with design thinking principles in mind and take the impacted people along defining the change
  • I dig deep into stakeholders’ state of mind to find the specific support needs and use these when planning the most impactful actions
  • I am a strong believer in agile delivery and constant improvement
  • I use storytelling to engage and involve the stakeholders to the change
  • I recommend warmly to measure change readiness and business benefit realization during the change journey
  • I make sure that building the change is enjoyable and fun

Besides change management I am experienced in

  • Customer experience and loyalty
  • Product and service launches
  • Communications
  • Business development
  • Program and project management with fluent in IT