Maria Gauffin

Senior Consultant
M.Sc.Econ, BA Adult Education

+358 (0) 50 570 7677


I am an enthusiastic and productive change management professional, who joined CCEA during fall 2020. During my career I have been involved in large transformation programs, mainly in large international corporations. In addition to this,  I have gained insight and experience throughout my years working within areas like training & coaching, marketing & communication, process development & automation and management consultancy.  During my spare time I enjoy spending time with friends and family and engaging in various sport activities such as power pilates, basketball for fun and long walks with friends.


When companies develop their business, there are always some kind of changes involved. It means that if we don’t want to get complacent and outrun by our competitors, change will always be part of our working life. Increasingly so, these days. In most development programs, the realization of benefits is strongly linked to people doing something differently. For example if a new tool or system or business operating model is not taken into use or action by people, the benefits of the entire program and investment remain marginal. By supporting people with tailored, proven, concrete tools that we can find in the CCEA toolbox for making change happen, we can help people thrive and be successful in their jobs and at the same time support the business in reaching its strategic goals. I am more than happy to be part of creating these kind of positive win-win outcomes.


I have a vast experience of change management: the planning and execution of changes, planning and implementing business operation models, implementing changes in ways of working, communication to various stakeholder groups. creating and supporting change agent networks, supporting senior management with change management related matters, helping companies grow their change capacity, training and process development with humanity in mind.

In my way of working, I always tend to focus both on the big picture and strategic themes as well as the task level and the reality of various employee levels. If the small things in daily operations do not change, nor does the big picture. On the other hand, if the big picture and one’s link to it, is unclear, there is seldom genuine motivation to change one’s ways of working in daily business. I am interested in trying to tie all ends and levels together, so that the company as a whole can be successful and people can thrive and be well in their professional lives. Work smarter, not harder!