Mika Paalanne

Senior Consultant
Master's Degree (Business Administration and Management)

"It looks good – and it’s going to be great! People and organizations have potential to renew themselves and achieve great results. A change often creates fear. I help to transform the perceived threats into opportunities and to focus on the targets and success."


I am a passionate change and project management professional. I can easily understand the organizational and individual targets and help people to create a meaningful story of the change. I inspire people towards agreed direction and ensure that the agreed targets are met.


I get kicks when people become aware of the opportunities and they find courage and curiosity to go forward. I enjoy bringing my personality and my diplomatic challenger mindset to any change projects.


I have a strong experience on managing changes, projects, programs and portfolios. My other strengths include:

  • Excellent social skills
  • Definition of ways of working and operational models
  • Process development
  • Inspiring people
  • Competence development in organizations
  • Wide functional experience

Additionally, I am a certified Lean Change Agent.